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Wed, Aug. 4th, 2004, 03:09 am
grimarcher: Deus Non Est Hic

Today the human race stands in the bleak light of discovery, as Man’s true place in the universe has been determined. For millennia scientist, theologians, and philosophers have pointed the spyglass upwards into the black fields of space, and downwards into DNA, and further into atoms in order to catch a glimpse of the Truth; any reason for mankind to be here, or anywhere. Today, the wheels of that journey have ceased moving. An answer has been found, and the Truth is as depressing as it is anticlimactic.
A joint venture of computer engineers, black hole physicists, and mathematicians have published their finding – yes, singular. Three generations of searching have yielded a unified theory of everything, and the ramifications of such, being that there is no great design for us. We are alone in our quiet little corner of the universe.
The book, tactfully entitled A Mathematical Exploration of Quantum Gravity and its Relation to Human Behavior and the Cosmos is an imposing read. In short, don’t bother. The editing is horrific; 20 pages in, and the reader is swimming in scientific jargon. But a panel of scientists explained the meaning of it in layman terms and that, according to their findings, the universe was created 8.4 billion years ago, by a big bang, just as postulated, and Homo sapiens share a common ancestor with an ape.
Here is my take on the matter. If there is nobody controlling us from On High, and we are truly alone in the universe, then we have achieved what some have always dreamed of: freedom. We have the psychological freedom to do whatever we want with ourselves, because in the end, nothing we do could possibly matter.
For those of you who don’t know, suicide rates are skyrocketing, and will continue to rise till the very last weak-willed religious person decides his or her god has left them ends it. I predict murder rates are going to shoot up exponentially, starting with the scientists that published Quantum Gravity. Maybe they’ll even be crucified as heathens by the stronger Faithful.
But in the end – and here’s the important part – after we’ve gotten all the hysteria out of our system, humanity will undergo an enormous change. Most of the worlds’ peoples will continue their lives as if nothing has changed, because none of it has, since they never thought about the existence of God anyway. For the others – myself included – a new paradigm will form, of people trying to find meaning in the vacuum. And that means creating one. People will pick a reason to live, and devote themselves entirely to it. Some already have. I doubt this is news to anybody.
But as we all begin the first day of the rest of our lives, remember that one word. Freedom. Millions have died for it, and now we are forced to live with it.